A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Prototype of Fate Warrios, a beat 'em up game with some puzzle mechanics.

The player must face hordes of enemies while trying to reach the end of the level. In his way, he'll find switches and keys. Think about your surroundings and find the way out.
You will be able to alternate between the fast and the strong attack to defeat the enemies, as well as dash towards them for a surprise attack.

It's possible to play the game both with keyboard and controller. You can also find a User Guide file on the game folder.

Game designed and developed by:

  • Pablo Antonio Gadea Martínez
  • Gemma Mas Lillo
  • Ángel Ismael Martín Oliveira
  • Manuel Escorza Quinto
  • Sergio Molero García
  • Francisco José Lavale Narciso

Install instructions

Download the folder for your OS. You will find an User Guide inside.

To play the game just execute the .exe.


Fate Warriors (Windows)
Fate Warriors (Linux)


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Nice game!